Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Exhibitions Quantum Leap and U-turn

My practice comprises of installation, print, and digital media works which utilize audio-visual and sensor technology, incorporating generative sonic and visual content. My artworks consist of bespoke experimental apparatus - which 
meditate on the dynamics between art and science; man- made and
‘natural' systems; the technological and the ‘alive'; experiment and 
knowledge; form and content. This work explores generative approaches to systems of science and natural phenomena. Generative artworks usually involve the artist setting up a system which has some level of autonomy. The systems in my work often combine sculptural structures, custom supports, hacked objects, electronics, software, the laws of physics, chemical processes and bespoke apparatus which allude to space travel, science fiction, alternative futuristic worlds, analytical scientific technology and scientific data Often my works incorporates physical computing technology to create data driven generative systems. In other new work, I use special photo equipment to film the microcosms and tiny dynamic landscapes within electrically driven generative chemical reactions. These HD video works provide a view into unseen microcosms, meditative transforming landscapes in which the viewer is the only inhabitant. The video works in installation [Lunar Surface] are projected onto and through folded coated Aluminium structures. Projection is refracted and overspills into the architecture of the space. Lunar lander like structures within the space collect data from the environment of the installation. This data is transformed into a real time data driven soundscape. While this project references climate change analysis of scientific environmental data and our relationship with the changing landscape it also references works closer to science fiction, alternative futuristic or forgotten worlds. Technology left behind on an uninhabited planet with uncertain functions and data sonifactions of uncertain meaning. Exhibition Quantum Leap at Foundation 15 Curated by Brendan Fox Details of Installation "Lunar Surface" 2015 HD video projection, folded coated Aluminum, stepper motor, 3D printed fittings, electronics, infrared distance sensors, generative audio, powersupply, power cables, speakers, mac mini.
In Exhibition U-TURN CURATED by Marysia Weickiewicz-Carrol at the Library Project The installation "Lunar Surface creates" a transformative link between progress and the future

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