Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mc Donald's practice comprises of installation,
print and digital media works, which utilize audio-visual and sensor
 technology and which incorporate generative sonic and visual content. Her artworks consist of bespoke experimental apparatus - which 
meditate on the dynamics between art and science; man- made and
‘natural' systems; the technological and the ‘alive'; experiment and 
knowledge; form and content. This work explores generative approaches to systems of science & natural phenomena. Generative artworks usually involve the artist setting up a system which has some level of autonomy. Mc Donalds print works are created by setting up an electrolytic system. Working with the electrolytic process – interacting metal surfaces, through the application of controlled voltages are transformed. By varying the voltage in this process lines are etched ranging between braille like dots, stratified lines to more intensely etched areas. The lush saturations and graduations of colour, subtle variations of texture and density of line in these works are reminiscent of scientific imagery, incredibly refined litmus papers, radio telescope images of deep space or some other less decipherable rendering of scientific data.
Electric Field(ii) [6.7Volts ~ 2.3Amps] Aluminium Electroetch 76cm x 54 cm, 2015
5 Volts 1.3Amps Aluminium Electroetch 15cm x 15cm, Signal [iii] Aluminium Electroetch 15cm x 15cm, Signal [v] Aluminium Electroetch 15cm x 15cm, 2015
[ Electric Field(ii)] Aluminium Electroetch 76cm x 54 cm, 2015
"Sound byte", Aluminium Electroetch 25cm x 76cm, Edition 15. "Litmus (yellow)", Aluminium Electroetch 25cm x 76cm, Edition 15
Detail "Litmus" Aluminium Electroetch 25cm x 76cm
"Data" Aluminium Electretch 25 x 25cm
"Data" Aluminium Electroetch 25cm x 25cm
"Field-[yellow]" Aluminium electroetch 36cm x 36cm
Detail "Field-[yellow]" Aluminum Electroetch 36x36cm
Various Aluminium Electroetch 36x 36cm
"Signal [III]" Aluminium Electroetch 15cm x 15cm
Various Aluminium Electroetch 15cm X 15cm
"Signal [IV]" Aluminium Electroetch 15cm x15cm
Signal [I] yellow, Aluminium electroetch, 15cm x 15cm Edition 15 B
Various Aluminium Electroetch 34x34cm
"Bandwidth" Aluminium Electretch 100cm x 76cm Edition 15
"Electric field" Aluminium Electretch 34 x 76cm.
Merging Waterlines Aluminium Electroetch 34 x 76 cm
"Field [II]" Aluminium Electretch 76cm x 56cm Edition 10
"Field [III]" Aluminium Electretch 76cm x 56cm Edition 10 Biography: Fiona Mc Donald is a Dublin based interdisciplinary artist. Residencies include Digital Media Residency at Firestation Artists Studios 2012 and Project studio member at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios 2009-2010. She has taken part in group exhibits at Broadstone Studio, Harcourt Terrace, the Lab Gallery, Green on Red Gallery, Hugh Lane Gallery and the Digital Hub, Dublin. She has participated internationally in exhibitions in Copenhagen, Paris, New York, LA and at the Cologne Art Fair. Her work is included in collections AIB, UCD, Digital Hub, Thomas St, Dublin, Scott Tallon Walker, Architects.

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